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What I am working on NOW-Classified Ad Space

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So La belle vie is thinking about having a classified section in the issue every month. 

I think this would be a wonderful thing for small businesses. Nothing works better than an ad and of course it would be not only in the issue but also on the website too. 

I am thinking about charging $15.00 a month for classified ad for the entire month. What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in advertising with La belle vie?

Here are our current stats right now as 11/25/2012.

La belle vie is averaging 100+ reads a day on the Scribd page where the magazine is sold. 

Our Facebook page has 174 likes but almost 200 people are “Talking about La belle vie”.

So if you would like to have at least 100+ people a day view your business, product etc.. Contact La belle vie at



Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

These sound delicious and fairly easy to make. Thought all of you would enjoy this recipe.

Can't Stay Out of the Kitchen

Teresa’s Bake Shop – Christmas Cookie edition – 2012

These whoopie pies rock! Each cookie tastes so amazing because it has a rich pumpkin flavor filled with a fantastic creamy icing. This pumpkin cookie has wonderful spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pumpkin pie spice that give it an incredibly rich essence. Put two of these delicious cookies together with a thick, powdered sugar icing and WHOOPIE! We love these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and that’s why they are included in our Christmas Cookie Extravaganza this year. After you try one, I’m sure you’ll agree that they are fantastic.

I got this delightful recipe from my niece, Heather, who also loves cooking and trying out new recipes. She made this delicious  pumpkin whoopie pie recipe along with a chocolate whoopie pie recipe she found online and gave me a copy of both. She thought I would enjoy them too. She was…

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What I am working on NOW-January Issue.

January is right around the corner…I know we haven’t even gone through Thanksgiving yet, but as a magazine publisher almost finished with December’s issue it is time to start thinking about January and of course February. 

Don’t you love the beginning of a new year? You are full of optimism and ideas for the next year of your life.

I love the new year as it means that the old one is over and it is time to make some changes and to bring newness into my life. 

With this new found joy means letting go…


How many of you find it difficult to forgive?

Do you hold onto a grudge?

Did you know that it is unhealthy?

It is only hurting YOU!

What is holding you back from forgiveness? 

This is something I will be focusing on in the January issue. 

So if you have any stories about forgiveness please feel free to contact me at also with the new year means to bring happiness into your life.

What brings you happiness?

What is the meaning of happiness? 

Is it money?

Is it clothes?

Is it quality time with the ones you love?

Let me know on Facebook!

Also if you have a healthy business or write about health contact me as well at the above email address. 


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What I am working on NOW- Fun filled activities for the entire family.

Have some fun this HOLIDAY!

The kids are out of school and now what?

We all wonder this. This is why I am working on some fun filled activities for the little ones. You know if you keep them busy the easier your life will be.

Kids need fun in their lives and of course we enjoy it as well. What a better way to spend the winter break than with family and enjoying some fun activities.

Now that my daughter is eighteen and barely home and if she is she is either online or spending time with her friends I now cherish those memories that we had spending time with one another during all the seasons, but of course the HOLIDAYS is a special time, a time where MAGIC happens.

What magic are you going to make this year?

Create your HOLIDAY MAGIC!


Download your copy of the magazine for some fun filled ideas on November 30th on Scribd at


Currently the magazine has some great recipes for THANKSGIVING that are easy and un-traditional  so download your copy today!

Click the logo to get your copy! 

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What I am working on now-CHRISTMAS BRUNCH.

So brunch is delicious anytime of year, but I vote this year to have Christmas Brunch instead of the large meal for dinner. 

I think that it would be great to invite your guests to your home having them wear their pajamas. Make your guests feel comfortable and have an easy morning/afternoon. 

Are you like me and absolutely love breakfast? Well then brunch for Christmas is the perfect solution to an easy and carefree day on Christmas. Why not relax on this day? 


Brunch gives you time to relax and share quality time with your family. 

Look out for the Christmas Brunch in the next issue in December’s issue