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What I am working on NOW- Fun filled activities for the entire family.

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Have some fun this HOLIDAY!

The kids are out of school and now what?

We all wonder this. This is why I am working on some fun filled activities for the little ones. You know if you keep them busy the easier your life will be.

Kids need fun in their lives and of course we enjoy it as well. What a better way to spend the winter break than with family and enjoying some fun activities.

Now that my daughter is eighteen and barely home and if she is she is either online or spending time with her friends I now cherish those memories that we had spending time with one another during all the seasons, but of course the HOLIDAYS is a special time, a time where MAGIC happens.

What magic are you going to make this year?

Create your HOLIDAY MAGIC!


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Currently the magazine has some great recipes for THANKSGIVING that are easy and un-traditional  so download your copy today!

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