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What I am working on NOW-January Issue.


January is right around the corner…I know we haven’t even gone through Thanksgiving yet, but as a magazine publisher almost finished with December’s issue it is time to start thinking about January and of course February. 

Don’t you love the beginning of a new year? You are full of optimism and ideas for the next year of your life.

I love the new year as it means that the old one is over and it is time to make some changes and to bring newness into my life. 

With this new found joy means letting go…


How many of you find it difficult to forgive?

Do you hold onto a grudge?

Did you know that it is unhealthy?

It is only hurting YOU!

What is holding you back from forgiveness? 

This is something I will be focusing on in the January issue. 

So if you have any stories about forgiveness please feel free to contact me at also with the new year means to bring happiness into your life.

What brings you happiness?

What is the meaning of happiness? 

Is it money?

Is it clothes?

Is it quality time with the ones you love?

Let me know on Facebook!

Also if you have a healthy business or write about health contact me as well at the above email address. 


2 thoughts on “What I am working on NOW-January Issue.

  1. Thank you Julie for visiting my site and liking Blogger of the Year Award. I am most humbled by these awards from my followers and always in awe of the many people I have met and continue to do so along the way.

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