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What I am working on now-Small Towns

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Small Towns, USAgreenville

There are wonderful small towns across this lovely nation. Of course La belle vie loves small towns. This is why in every issue we focus on one small town and bring you, the reader knowledgeable information about that town including dining, lodging and activities. 

I hope to shed light on these small towns and what makes them great to visit. This month’s small town I actually lived in for five years and there are so many great small businesses that I will be focusing on as well as some wonderful activities to do in and around the city. 

It was interesting to say the least to live in this small town coming from Portland. It truly was like living in another world. Culturally speaking history abounds in this small town. Starting as a textile mill city and now in more modern times they produce high end vehicles. You will be able to read more about this small town starting December 30th, 2012. 

You can read about November’s small town on La belle vie’s Scribd page at

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