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Looking for Contributors


We are looking for monthly contributors to the magazine. Do you have a passion for cooking? Are you a DIY’er? Do you love to write? Do you travel? Do you have an eye for fashion? We would love to hear from you.

This writing position does not require much approximately a 1,000 words a month. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing email me at


We can put your logo, your blog information and or business on our website in return for your contribution.

We do expect an article a month based on the needs of the magazine and it will fit what you specialize in.

Does this sound like you? Email us at for more information. 


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Be part of the BEAUTY!

Hi friends,


I hope your week has gone really well and has been full of joy! I am writing this “letter” to inform you that I have some really great opportunities ahead. La belle vie magazine is almost a year old now and I would like to invite all of you to be part of it. Do you have a special gift ie; cooking, crafting, and or writing? I would love to hear from all of you. Although we are still fairly new when it comes to the publishing side of things we have picked up speed over the last several months. On average we receive over 65+readers a day. That is quite a bit for such a young and small company. 

Do you know someone who might be interested? Share this post with them! I can’t wait to see all the fabulous talent that is out there. Until then I wish you a beautiful weekend and thanks for reading La belle vie!


Julie Wilson
Founder-La belle vie magazine
*Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to be contacted. If you would like a more private conversation email me at 

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Forgiveness-Be a butterfly!

I recently read a blog post that was related to another blog post about forgiveness which inspired me to write this blog post. Woo-what a sentence right?




The question is should you forgive and why should you? Is it really for you or for the other person who did the damage to you in the first place and what are you forgiving? Is it trauma that is truly unforgivable? ie; abuse-sexual, physical and or verbal? Or did you just really have a bad childhood and you still are holding on to that in the back of your young unforgiving mind?


These are all interesting thoughts of to forgive or not to forgive. I am not a psychologist or have any type of degree to even form an opinion that would qualify but what I have read on this topic and have learned from many years with therapist ( yes, I have gone to therapy) is this you can forgive others but not for their benefit but for your own and that is for your own sake as to move on. Now here is the question really. Do you really want to move on? Do you really want to forgive or is this something that you have held on to for so long that it is like a part of you like a second skin and without you wouldn’t feel right? I have met these types of people. They fall into the category of a victim. Not a survivor.  When you have this mentality, you can not let go. You will eventually repeat the same patterns, the same old, same old unless you rid yourself of the victim mentality and love yourself enough to become a survivor and not have this be part of your story anymore.

Now I am not saying that this person or people were not wrong but stop reliving the bad and go for the good. If you keep rehashing this they have won and you my dear friends have lost. You will fall into the trap and that is not where any one should be. Love yourself enough to pull yourself out and fly above all of it.


In summary learn to fly just like a butterfly. Hatch from the cocoon you have spun yourself into and spread those beautiful wings and let the world see your beauty. You deserve so much more. Tell another story… Hell rewrite it!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Do you love margarita’s?

Need a great taco recipe?

The May issue is out and its’ FREE!!!

There are some really great Cinco de Mayo recipes in this month’s issue. Plus mother’s day recipes that even the kids can make all for free. Yep you read that right…FREE. Just click on the picture below and get your copy. Pass the beauty on!!!