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MARCH ISSUE 2013 is out…Get your copy!!

The next issue is here! I am so excited about this issue.
First and foremost this is the fifth issue of La belle vie which I really can’t believe. Where have the five months gone? 
This issue includes so many great recipes, interviews, travel ideas, and great weekend getaways it was hard to fit it all on the cover. 
We have of course increased our advertising intake, we have a lot more fantastic companies that are on the pages this month so please check them out too. 
Just click the magazine cover and purchase your copy for only $2.00 BUCKS! That’s right! Less than a cup of coffee and you will be entertained I guarantee it!
Thanks again for all of your support without you this would not be possible. So for all of you who have believed in this dream, this magazine a big THANK YOU goes out to you!!!
Also I want to include that we are still looking for writers, photographers, and crafters! If you are interested in this please email La belle vie at 




What I am working on now-BLOGGERS!

Well it’s Sunday and of course I would love a day of just full rest but work continues.

Blogs are so unique and amazing and I would love to promote some great blogs.

It has been rather interesting when asking if anyone knows of great blogs or if they have a blog they would like to include in the next issue I haven’t received very many responses. I know how it is when you have a great blog and you look at your stats and wonder if anyone reads your posts. This is why I started the idea of putting blogs out there, another way to increase traffic and to promote all those hardworking bloggers.

Every month La belle vie will have a section in the magazine for HOT BLOGS! If you would like to be part of a brand new magazine with a large following on Scribd please email me at I would love to know about all the wonderful blogs out there.

Of course I am always looking for anything beautiful. If you have a product/business that you would like to see featured in an upcoming issue please contact me.

P.S. Also if you have an inspiring story that you would like to share or any ideas please feel free to email me at the above email address. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Have a fabulous and BEAUTIFUL Sunday!

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